Random question of the day.

If everyone was cars, like in the Disney movie, what car would you choose to be?

We’ll assume health would be akin to reliability. More interior space would make you smarter. (We’re assuming that’s where their brains are.) Towing, speed, and fuel economy are fairly intuitive for what they’d be good for. And of course styling would be the gauge of attractiveness.


So for example, if you choose a Ferrari 458. You’d be dumb because of the small interior room. You’d be very athletic, put lack towing capability (So like a soccer player versus a power lifter.) And of course the styling would be subjective. You’ll also have poor health and have crazy high medical expenses probably leading to a shorter lifespan than average. (Since you have to live everyday you can’t be a garage queen like in our world.)

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So what car would you be Oppo?

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