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Random rant time. Idiots on the roads and at work.

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Tonight in the wonderful snow covered Midwest I was driving on a completely clear section of road. Despite the speed limit being 45 there was a Chevy doing 20 mph in a right lane of a 4 lane street with their left turn signal on. They kept looking to the left like they wanted to get in that lane. There must have been 6-8 cars in each lane on my side waiting for this person to make a move. The truck in front of me slowed for the car to get in front of him. This continued for about 200 feet. This Nissan pickup finally realized the person isn’t turning and quickly accelerated past the old Cavalier. I went to do the same and the car came about a foot into my lane. I waited a hundred feet and blasted past the car. In my rear view mirror I see vehicle after vehicle speed past them. I glance one last time to see the car make a right turn and the car still had the left turn signal on.


In another story from today I got a phone call to the dealership about parts pricing on our recently established website. The guy was calling from 3 states away complaining that his local dealership wouldn’t sell him parts at the same discount prices as our site. I’m not sure what he expects me to do to save him a few dollars on a cabin filter. I wanted to say “do you realized all stores aren’t required to match internet prices?” but couldn’t. We are getting crazy calls about 2-3 times a day. One local guy ordered some parts that were discounted on the web. He called after placing a web order and wanted the shipping refunded because he wanted to pick them up. Its been a little nuts with stuff like this going on.

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