I'm more practical than emotional, but I never realized how hard it would be to slowly prepare my '98 Passat GLX for sale or donation in the coming weeks (the car on the right, wit da AMBERLAMPS!). My daily driver and part time hobby since mid-2001, it's finally redundant and I'll be taking over the 01 wagon in the center of the pic (a big step up in comfort, but a big step down in handling against my 5MT on Eibachs). You can see my son cleaning out the wagon for me. He's so confused about what's happening to "Daddy Green Car" โ€” the one that he occasionally rides on on the weekends and demands we roll the windows down, go faster, and listen to Dave Matthews ;)

And, of course, the rest of the fam is in the Odyssey on the left. It's cavernous. I think my baby daughter is still lost in the third row somewhere...I'm sure she'll turn up.