Random sightings, observations, musings from this past week

Some DOTS sightings, sorry I couldn’t get pictures.

Saw a couple of vehicles for the very first time.Obviously a very good aftermarket mod. GIB.


New MKZ in white. Looks really good especially in sunlight

The rare Corolla XRS. Funny because it still faster than the 2019 Corolla hatch.


New Lacrosse in white. Looks plain but handsome in its own way

G80 sport in this blue. Very unique


Gray S90. understated and elegant. Have seen a white one before


Wife saw this guy. And yes, he made the clearance. And paid for her Starbucks. She paid it forward.


Rant: Also, one of my favorite pet peeves happened twice in 2 days. Assholes who think they’re too smart and cut across a gas station to skip the backed up right turn lane. One time it was an abandoned one and one time it was a functioning one. They really should put yellow caution tape across one entrance to the abandoned lot. And as though to enforce the stereotype it was a G35 Coupe once and Gen5 Camaro Convertible. Douchebags.

Also, STOP BEING NICE WHEN YOU HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY! Someone almost had an accident when the person on the road waved them on while they were taking a left across 2 lanes of traffic.

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