I had a great laugh last night courtesy of my Father-In-Law. Backstory:

My in-laws are all flying out here to Utah to stay at our place in Bear Lake in July

Being a Lake that may have some water in it (thanks crappy winter) the plan is to go boating. Trouble is that the boat pictured above that used to be shared between 4 then, 3, then 2 families was transferred without cost of any kind to my aunt and uncle who have all the boating aptitude of a crab and apparently the same level of generosity as well. Anywho, after kindly asking to use a boat they got from us for free and don't know how to maintain and who's value if sunk would work out to be a net gain for the family in insurance payout alone (to say nothing of the fact that its still running thanks to me, my dad and my brothers) and being flatly turned down I was little discouraged. I mean, I will bring my boat but...


Its not really going to do the trick for 30 people. I was expressing my displeasure about this situation to my father in law and telling him that I would have to look into plan b (asking a a good friend who owns a boat shop if there were any options regarding renting a boat of their) on Sunday night. Neither of us liked that option too much because its a big favor to ask. In any case, I told him I would look into because it was in July and we had plenty of time to figure this out.

I got a call last night from him, the first words out of his mouth: "Well, I bought a boat." Um...what? Honestly at this boat I was trying my best not to laugh out loud.


A little about my father in law: Conservative, retired Army Dentists, avid Consumer Reports reader, daily drives a VW Routan that he thinks can tow 7500 lbs, has plenty of money but hates to spend it...you get the picture. I should also note that I love this guy, he's an amazing guy and we really get along. Our conversation:

Okay well what is it?

A 1989 Four Winns 19 footer. Its in great shape, I got if for $3800!

V8, or? (this is actually an important question because bear lake is above 6000 feet and all other lakes in Utah are between 4500-6000 feet...power is going to matter)


I don't know, we looked at the engine, started right up!

Okay, how many hours?

Oh a lot probably, it used to used by a scout troupe and so it was used all summer.


um... (trying not to laugh)

I think its a V8, it said 4.2 on it

Okay, yeah its a V6, a 4.3 actually.


Yeah...should still be fun, we just can't load it down with too many people

Oh yeah it will be great, I never like too many people on a boat anyway.

How does [your wife] feel about it?

Oh I haven't asked, I dropped it off at the [storage] garage and its just sitting there, I'll let her know when she gets home.


(having hard time not laughing) Well does it have brakes?

No the van pulls it great, you just have to be careful stopping (his van requires trailer brakes for more than 2000 lbs trailers...in fact its technically Utah State law)


Okay, well...thats great. I guess we have that all sorted then...

The boat (I think)


Oh man, this guy cracks me up sometimes.


Random story over.