So...what do you drive again?

Also this morning on my drive in was a squid and his Friend/GF/Wife riding bikes. He was in a light shirt, shorts and vans, and weaving in and out of cars at 15 over the limit (45 mph road). She was in leathers and halfheartedly trying to ride with him. He sped through a light and left her at a red...the look through her visor said “That dipshit and I will be having a talk later”. oof.

Lastly, electric gokarts

Pros: much less lag getting back on the throttle. Much less noise. Much less noxious gasses in my face. Forced “pit speeds” for yellow/red flags.


Cons: No left foot braking! You step on the brakes and gas at the same time and it cuts power to the motor? WTH?! Still laggy. Heavier Karts mean less grip.