First: why does this screen not photograph well? This what’s taken at near eye level with my phone. It looks tacked on like everyone complains about. When I’m driving it just blends into the dash.

Second: why can’t I turn or angle it towards me? I rarely have passengers but even when I do, why do they need to see the screen? They’re not driving. I can see it just fine but I miss driver centric controls. All new car controls are flat faced to the interior (with few exceptions). Shouldn’t they be angled toward the driver for safety and ease?

Third: what if dogs were held criminally liable for the things they do. Example: if a person licks a child in the mouth, they go to jail and get put on a list; a dog does it and the kid laughs. Could you imagine a dog court? “Fluffy, you are sentenced to 1 year probation and therapy for unwanted crotch sniffing”

Fourth: if dogs could talk, would we keep them as pets? I imagine it’d be like having a kid that says whatever they’re thinking. “I’m hungry” “SQUIRREL!!” “Mommy, why was daddy naked wrestling with the nanny?”


Fifth: why does the new civic look like a crosstour?