Remember when you had an automatic and you could scarf down something you got at a drive through on your way to work/school/drug den/brothel? Yeah, you're done with that now. You aren't supposed to be doing that anyway.

You're also done doing any phone-related anything while driving. Maybe GPS, but you'll be setting that up well before you actually turn the key and take off.

"Why didn't you get an auto?" Is a phrase you're going to be hearing a lot anytime you tell friends/family that you brought a manual.

In an auto, every stop is the same. In a manual, there are at least 3 kinds of stops that require 3 different strategies to deal with


  • Complete stop? Brake->clutch->neutral->stop, Clutch->1st gear-> 1st gear take off procedure
  • Rolling stop? Brake->Clutch->neutral, clutch -> (appropriate gear) ->accelerate
  • Hill stop? No. *You're done with hills and inclines forever now.

About that 1st gear take off procedure; it's not going to be easy. Let the clutch out too soon and you will stall. Letting the clutch out too slow is bad for clutch life. Revving the engine too high is also bad for clutch life. Not enough revs and again, you will stall. A really nice take off is something you'll be doing 90-95% of the time once you're at the top of your game, a point you will reach after months and months of practice.


If your car does not have a tachometer, you can forget about playing music loudly while driving. The engine noise is now a key part of the information you need to properly operate the car.

Every other driver around you will seem like a douchebag. The takeover of the automatic transmission has made cars far more convenient for people, and convenience breeds impatience. No one will have mercy on you for being a first time manual driver. Every other driver will expect Stig-levels of car control from you, and the middle fingers and insults will flow like a torrential downpour if (not when) you fail them. The other manual drivers will have patience, but they will unfortunately be few and far in between. :(


*(Joking here of course.)