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Random thoughts - TalkCity Auto-General anyone?

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Did anyone else frequent the TalkCity chatrooms back in the late 90s? I think it's time for me to come clean about a dirty little secret. I was cobra_man, and I was 12, but I told everyone I was a lot older and had a VT Commodore SS and an ALMAC replica of a Cobre 427 (much lke the one pictured). It was all lies! I had an Alpine Pirahna 18 speed.


I even constructed this story about having an SBC in the Cobra (for no real reason other than 12 year old me didn't know nearly as much as he thought he did) and later swapped it out. I think people either knew I was bullshitting and a child, or were doing exactly the same thing, so I felt like I was getting away with it.

I then had to try and work in ways of talking about my step-dad's cars. He was a bit of a wheeler-dealer, and a car guy, so I grew up around a decent assortment of interesting metal. 1977 XJ-S with an injected SBC; 1989 Corvette convertible (this was New Zealand in the 90s, so not a common sight); a 1970 DeVille convertible in white with red leather interior (a real whale and quite out of place on NZ roads. My mum recalls driving it around central Rotorua after a couple of glasses of wine. Hairy!). Mum's toy was a 1963 MGB in BRG, which may have started my love of either roadsters (ex MX-5 owner) or TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms). We had a couple of Landcruisers, and XJ40, a 944, a turbochaged Nissan Gloria and all sorts of weird and wonderful Japanese stuff (S-Cargo, anyone?).


I don't really have a point to all this, just having some car related thoughts I felt like sharing.

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