One of the excellent YouTubers I follow has a license plate of Sleipnir, I never got the reference but I never tried either. I recently looked it up, it was Odin’s 8 legged horse. I guess it is a reference to his land cruiser being the ride of the gods or something.

However when I looked into it.


So the story of how the 8 legged horse came to be:

Dude offers to build a wall to keep undesirables out of midgard and valhall and demands a goddess as payment.

The Gods agree - With condition mexico has to pay for it he has to do it in one season without any help.

A compromise is reached through the assistance of Loki that he can use his horse.


Well it looks like he will actually deliver on the promise thanks especially to his super hard working horse and the gods are unpleased with Loki for giving the dude a way to actually make it happen and promise to kill loki gruesomely unless he stops it somehow.

...and this is where it gets weird...

Loki, the shapeshifter, transforms into a mare and his plan is to lure this wunderhorse off into the woods to do...activities.


Well it works and the builder doesn’t deliver on the promise - doesn’t even matter as the heretofore unnamed builder turns out to be a frost giant and when they find out they call for thor to come and bash his skull into shards...which he does.

However, while Loki did avoid a gruesome death by preventing the builder...who was never going to get what he wanted anyway on account of being a frost giant...from building the wall he gets a parting gift - giving birth to the 8 legged horse as a product of his escapades.


Turns out this is a great thing as Sleipnir (the horse) is da bes.

I’d like to see Marvel Studios make a story out of that! I mean...damn asgard!