Random update!

Hope all of you are doing well! It’s been a pretty busy few days for me...lots of driving around in Humdrum for work. Some spots:

Very nice old VW bus camper I parked next to at the local Walmart the other day!


The tamest deer in the universe. This young doe was by herself on somebody’s front lawn on a local island (connected to the land by a built-up ground causeway). It’s a tight and technical little road that I like to zip through for fun and I came up on this house going about 60kph before slamming on the brakes in case she ran out in front of me when I spotted her. She did not even FLINCH one muscle and just looked up at me while chewing as if to say “Oh...hi there.” I was to an computer repair appointment on that island for over an hour and when I came back out, she was in the exact same place, basking in the sun and enjoying more delicious grass!

Saw this on one of the lower narrow two-way streets of Lunenburg the other day. I pulled in to the local Foodland grocery store there to pick up a few things on the way home. This Escape was parked up out front. Note I am in my driver’s seat which is to the RIGHT of their entire car....it’s supposed to be up against that curb at the right (duh), but was parked so far away it was actually impeding traffic a bit as that street is two-way, but barely wide enough for 1.5 cars in most places...idiots.

Also - new license plate today! My plate was from around 2008 and I had swapped it from my previous Impreza onto my Accent, so it’s had an 11 year run. Here in Nova Scotia, we are legally required to have a rear plate, but no front plate. I only have a rear plate on my car. Our license plates are 3 letters, then 3 numbers. My old plate was from the ‘E-series’, which was known to have a fault in the painting process so that the paint was actually detatching from the metal plate in one huge piece. You can see it sortof bubbling up in the picture below on the entire left side.


This means I was entitled to a free replacement plate, which I picked up today....so shiny and clean! :D

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