random video: Japanese learn English profanities

I love watching travel and food shows in general (Anthony Bourdain will always be the best to me...) which leads to my YouTube history recommending some loosely related videos. I had watched a lot about Japan prior to my trip in 2017 (and still watch them frequently) so Japan-related videos are common in my feed.

I swear on a daily basis and swear quite a bit - it’s not like I do it “inappropriately” (like with upper management at my work) but I definitely swear a lot when talking with those close to me. Even then, it’s not to put people down (for the most part) but rather as a modifier for non-sweary adjectives (e.g. “it’s fucking delicious”).

Overall, I should probably stop swearing so damn much but it probably isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

It’s the first time I’ve seen this channel but I thought it was a funny and mildly interesting.

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