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Range Time

Slow but pretty Cosmo for your time.

It’s been a solid two months since I’d gotten any range practice. Dry-fire drills at home, sure, but it’s not the same thing. Luckily, I hadn’t rusted too much.


Twenty feet, two seconds to acquire target, double action. Not bad for two months off.

Same drill, except assuming the attacker has a hostage. I admit, that’s lower than I would like. With two months off, I’m not sure if I had encountered such a situation, I would have taken this shot. And while it probably would have been higher and more centered in single action (my front sight doesn’t even tremble when I pull single action), this was a draw and two-second acquisition. Waiting longer to pull the hammer back may not be optimal. I *am* working making the double action pull as motionless as possible...it’s just a stagey DA trigger because of the decocker. Suggestions? (I’m considering having a gunsmith work on the trigger for me.)


Next drill - draw and double-tap (DA/SA). No acquisition. This is one of those drills that can’t be practiced in dry-fire since you can only double-tap DA/DA or SA/DA. In a real emergency, it would always be DA/SA, but without a live round to kick the slide back, you can’t make the second trigger pull SA in dry-fire. Aside from the one that grazed the target’s ear, I’m not complaining too much, and again, in an actual emergency, I wouldn’t attempt a zero-acquisition headshot at twenty feet, let alone with double-tap. Just did a few like that just to see if my groups were reasonable.


Several of you suggested learning rifle shooting to help with accuracy. Well, it was my first time out with a rifle, too. First few magazines at 50 feet:


Clearly, high and slightly right is a problem. Suggestions?

1) I am right handed, but left-eye dominant; I can compensate with handguns, but with rifle, I have to close my left-eye.


2) I am standing with the rifle. I would like to get some accuracy in place before I start trying for longer distances with the rifle resting on a stand.

I did make an adjustment to the rear sight.


So, THAT was helpful. Any other ideas?

Not looking forward to cleaning the rifle. Everyone says .22 is a dirty caliber. One of the advantages of having a CZ is that I can put 200 rounds through it, and drop it back in my holster without panicking about needing to clean it RIGHT NOW before carry duty. I don’t think that will be the case with a $100 .22 cal rifle from Walmart. ^_^

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