I was worried about it. I paid more than I wanted to for an old truck, and bought it from what I felt was a shifty dealer. However the truck at surface level is just so nice that I couldn’t pass on it. Especially for a 16 year old, basic work truck. On top of that, this little Ranger has the most complete and detailed CarFax I have ever seen. So I took it to be inspected today...

They called and the guy instantly put me on hold, but I could hear everyone. I hear a familiar mechanic say “I bet I know who this truck belongs to because I only know one person who would spend money to move the steering wheel 1 inch.” I smiled at my desk thinking “thaaaaaats me!” The wheel was ever so slightly out of alignment...FUCK that noise haha.

He then explained that the car has a temp tag from NJ, I live in PA. So they can’t inspect it until I receive the PA tag and title. So I told them to go ahead and “inspect” it anyway and treat it like a PPI.


They called back just now, and the guy put me at ease right away. “You got yourself a real nice truck” he said. The truck has just had new pads all the way around, new drums in the back, new tie rod ends and a bunch of other suspension parts, new wheel bearings, and newish tires. Some of this stuff was on the CarFax, but that wasn’t enough for me haha. He also said that they’ll inspect it fo free when I bring it back with the title/tags! I’ll just have to pay for the emissions test.

Anyway, turns out the dealer who bribed me for good reviews deserved them after all! He said that he put a lot of work into the truck and he did. Good to know these people exist!