Ranger Midweek! (Update: I got Them!)

Update: Muddy Bois!


These are Interco TSL Thornbirds. Mine for $150!

Pro tip: Laying them down was a dumb choice. They rolled side to side and caused massive sway.


Lowering Edgewater property values since May 2019!

After almost two months of sitting idle with a blown tyre, I’m getting my Ranger back on the road again. Tonight I’m picking up practically brand new Interco 29 MTs for $150 (already paid for, so just gotta pick them up). I’m also picking up some roof rack crossbars and hopefully a basket for the crossbars. The basket then will hold a jerry can, spare tire, light bar, and anything else I can think of.

I’ll then have a friend print out a Gambler 500 stencil so I can get started with my Pink Ranger Gambler livery.


From there, I want to convert the grille and headlights to the 01-03 design, door mirrors to the 06+ years, cab lights(?), I’ll coat the remainder of the front bumper in bedliner, install a winch behind the bumper, spotlight pods, rig up a redneck skidplate, then some sort of brush guard doohickey. Hopefully I’ll be able to wire the lights to the existing fog light wiring. Else I’ll just wire in a toggle switch. No lift in the cards just yet...I kinda like having a bed I can reach into without a stool or ladder. lol

Oooh, maybe a 01-03 grille with integrated lights?


Last thing on the list will be having a fellow gambler weld in a patch for my bed so I can get it to stop twerking on bumps. Somewhere in there will be real rust fixes and replacing the awful speakers in the truck as well.


If I have the time/funds, I’ll then come back to the smart, install the ED suspension I have laying around, then try to shoehorn in the smallest Grabber AT2s you can buy.

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