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Ranger specs

They are up including pricing.

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Payload looks good, price is a little high once you add on features.

1560 lbs payload for the one pictured above 4x4 DCSB (Gladiator rubi 1075 - Tacoma DCSB offroad 1175 - Colorado zr2 dcsb 1100 - Colorado z71 1477)


4441 Lbs base curb weight lariat 4x4 supercrew (p.s. supercrew is a stupid name for a 4 door truck)

Angles (app/break/departure) are midpack but decent

28.7/21.5/25.4 (Gladiator rubi 43.6/20.3/26 - Tacoma DCSB off road 32/23.5/21 - ZR2 30/?/23.5)


Ground clearance isn’t great at 8.9 inches but passable (Gladiator Rubi 11.1 - Tacoma DCSB off road 9.4 - ZR2 double cab 8.9 - Colorado dcsb z71 8.2)

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