Ranger Update!

I gave my Ranger a fuller inspection before deciding to make it legal and start driving it. I’m happy with what I see.


This is a 90s vehicle with 200k on the clock and cost me well under a stack, rust is to be expected. However, I’m most concerned with frame rust and whether the body has gaping holes in it. Here are my findings of the worst rust spots on the truck:


The frame seems good. Lots of surface rust and it’s a tad rougher in some areas, however the metal is thicc everywhere. I could not find a single place where the frame was thin or it was rusted through.


Here is the worst spot on the whole frame. I was initially freaked out by this, but relieved that the metal is thick here, too. The other side appears pretty clean-ish.

So overall, it seems the frame can use a good cleaning up and application of POR-15.



This thing is both in horrible shape and good shape.

This is why the bed wobbles on pothole impacts. One of my Ranger-loving friends thinks we can fix this.


However, the metal under these flares is in remarkably good shape. It’s legit bizarre to me as the metal outside the flares is rusting while the metal under the flares is not. I thought body cladding invites rusting? Good news is that the rust is just of the surface variety. The wheel wells are also amusingly clean. Something tells me someone went and protected the wheel wells at some point in this truck’s life.



For a well used Ranger, the cab is in great shape. There are literally just two big spots of rust on it and there are already plans in the works to fix these. Everything else is so much in the early stages that a wire brush and touch up paint will fix them.



Are shot. Thankfully, another Ranger loving friend (this one with a wrecked B2000) has basically brand new M/Ts in 29s mounted on some sweet wheels and they’re mine for $50. Yay, mud terrains! :D



In my inspections I did confirm that the PO is not a liar and he did in fact replace a ton of parts right before selling it. Lots of new suspension components and a few engine bits.


And in other news I’m confirmed to be in Chicago’s Pride Parade! :D

Tucker also got some additional Gambler 500 branding.


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