okay, I’ve got to rant. its concerning this whole bike situation.

The bike has been sitting in that room for 5 months. FIVE months.
residence management found out about it earlier today. okay, fine. so be it.

I had never even gotten a warning about that bike. Ever. 5 fire checks and no one has ever mentioned shit.

I have an exam in the morning worth 90% of my mark. I need to study.

They [res management] came to my house at 10pm. TEN PM. and told me the bike HAS to be out tonight.


they couldn’t wait TWELVE fucking hours for me to study, get some sleep and write my exam. oh no. it had to be out RIGHT NOW.

The RA’s (lovely ladies. students who help and take care of students [whilst being students themselves]) were sadly part of the interaction. I actually used to live with one of them. I don’t blame them one bit. My RA actually came back after the fact and apologized to me.

The person above them came (after I requested to speak with her) and (more or less) told me :fuck you, your moving the bike out now.


I am PISSED. 5 months. 150 days. 3600 HOURS. and they couldnt wait 12 more.

Never mind the fact that when i sent in work order to fix the sink, they came a week after.

They want to play the no patience game? Very well. lets see how they like it.