Torch, Mexico is not your personal time machine. Yes, we have beetles... yes, we have B13 Sentras, and yes we have some old ass trucks. But please stop celebrating that.

I’m not gonna say VW has been bad for Mexico; they are central to Puebla’s economy, but the reasons why the “vocho” was big here weren’t some fairy tale story of the little car that could. No... it was a big company pulling levers, abusing of protectionist policies, lax government regulations, and a poor market to sell an outdated, unsafe, inefficient, polluting piece of shit until 2003 for an egregious amount of money. Similar market forces allowed Nissan to sell the B13 until last fucking year. Neither car should’ve been sold in the 2000s and both are a reminder that automotive policy has a long way to go here in Mexico, specially around safety and consumer protection. For fucks sake, our first headlamp regulations don’t even come into function until the 2020s!

Sure, Vochos and B13s and other stupid cars are interesting when you come here, but when you have to live with these “novelty” cars all around you all the damn time it’s a different story.