No u.

Why does this have so many hits!

It’s a rant about a software decision in ONE trim version of a Kia, who shared this/looked this up? What the fuck is wrong with you people, go read something more interesting.

Today I drove a friend’s Kia Sportage (Yes, he did remove the front emblem)... the one with 180hp.

Is that an iX3?

I really liked it, I have a soft spot for the Sportage and the Niro for some reason.
But what bothered me wasn’t it.. it was my car. Because of the stupid shifter.

This Sportage had the typical Kia T-bar shifter, when you push it into manual mode, it stays in manual mode, no matter what you do. My car on the other hand, with the feuncy drive by wire shifter won’t hold you in manual mode.


Sure, the Sportage, as any other car, will shift up or down to stop you from damaging the engine, but the Stinger knocks you out of manual mode after some time if you’re not paying much attention to it. In a luxury car with a 2.0l Diesel engine DO THIS, but in a GT with 365hp and something to prove DONT!


Specially since this engine has a healthy amount of turbo lag, so if someone wants to use the car more sporty-ly in comfort or Eco mode for a second (be it to overtake or whatever) using the paddle shifters is not very comfortable.

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