So I had to drive a 2014 Jeep Cherokee today for work. Before starting I stopped by the gas pump to fill up. First glance around the cabin I didn't see a button for the filler cap release so I figured its one of those that you press and it pops open. Tried that, and nope. Walked back around to the cabin, looked around some more, and found the button. Pressed it, went back to the filler (passenger side of the car), and its still closed and locked. Walked back and pressed the button again. Still nothing. Pressed it 10 more times, tried holding it, cycled the door locks, cycled the ignition, tried everything I could think of and still nothing. So now I'm feeling like an idiot because I need to consult the owner's manual to see how to fill up the car. I open the glove box, pull out the big fancy case filled with all the warranty books, and manuals and guides and other crap. But guess what! The owner's manual is a CD! Good! Because I have a way to read a CD out at a gas station. The car doesn't even have a CD player I could try jamming it in to. The 'Quick Start' guide was a book though, however, Chrysler must have thought that filling a car with fuel is so basic that it isn't listed anywhere in the guide. Wonderful. After about 10 more minutes of trying the button and trying to pry back the fuel door, I found a little plastic trim piece in the luggage area that had a hard to see fuel jerry can icon on it. Peeling that off revealed a little emergency release pull cord to open the fuel door. Huzzah! Only 15 minutes later and I can finally fuel the damn car! After filling up, I went back to the Quick Start guide's troubleshooting/emergency section, and that still didn't have anything about the fuel door release.

Now dear automakers, I'm sure you include these wonderful bits of information in your owner's manuals, but it would be kinda nice if said owner's manuals were readable in all situations. I probably would have been ok with the CD had I been able to play it on the car's infotainment screen. Or maybe, instead of a CD, provide a USB stick seeing as how the car has a USB port. Or you know... a paper printed book.

Also, that whole time I couldn't help but think of the time Jeremy Clarkson couldn't open the fuel filler door on his Gallardo during the lightweight supercar roadtrip in Series 10. I guess Chrysler must really be embracing their new Italian side.

Thanks for reading. Have a D-Type