Rant about someone parking at work

On my walk into the office from parking in the waaaaay back corner of the lot I sometimes pass cars parking in the few handicap spots closer to the door. There was one occasion where I couldn't discern what necessitated a plate for the driver and it bugged me. Today, it happened again.

Stock image from Google search but the vehicle in question was a BMW. Driver parked in the lines, though (hooray!!!!).


Passenger (man) got out while still talking to the driver (woman), driver stood up from the car. I'm walking along casually to see if there is a placard in the window (there was) and I move along. It's 2 degrees out today so I wasn't surprised to hear the sound of heels walking quickly across the walkway to get inside. Then I thought about the parking space and I became very surprised. Here's my thought process:

I'm 6'4" and take large strides...often beating people wherever I walk without trying. This person is catching up to me. She parked in a handicap spot. She's not tall at all (I saw that much). She had a placard. Why can't I make sense of this?!?

I got to the door and turned to hold it for the woman who was now BASICALLY RIGHT BEHIND ME and noted she had a very slight limp. I mean slight like you were to hurt your knee while playing basketball. I had a greater limp walking around Montreal this past summer.

I have a friend who got in a terrible accident last year. He lost a lot of muscle in his legs (through the accident) and received a handicap plaque for some amount of time. That time ran out around Halloween and he had to turn it in. He's doing well walking and everything but in the snow and icy conditions we have, his steps are very careful. This woman was speed walking in heels.


I know this stuff bugs some of us more than others but I really just don't get it. I can't process what qualifies anymore. She very well could have a condition and today was just a good day or she was so determined cuz it was frickin cold out. I am likely getting carried away, but that's what a rant is for.

I had to put this in writing though because I haven't been able to focus this morning at all. Thanks.

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