Before I start, have a colorful car!

So, In my long standing car search, I have realized something. People like to play it safe. 75/100 cars on my autotrader are some of the 50 shades of grey. this is pissing me the fuck off! If you're already planning to spend a large sum of money on a car, why not get it in SOME form of color??? Also, this isn't relating to special edition cars. I mean run-of-the-mill cars like Focuses and Jettas. out of 34 Jettas I have in a 25 mile radius, 20 are some shade of grey, 7 are black, 4 are white, 2 are red, and ONE is brown. Now, don't get me wrong. some greys are beautiful, like the BMW graphite silver. but having LITERALLY EVERY CAR ON THE FUCKING LOT in grey is annoying! car makers, PLEASE go to the local Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams and pick out SOME colors for your cars besides red, and the occasional blues and greens.


TL;DR: car makers, Y U NO COLOR MORE?