Don’t tailgate me!

In this section of Reforma, puny cyclists and multi-ton buses are meant to share the same lane, as cars get their own two exclusive lanes. I don’t mind this setup as a driver, and as a cyclist I’ve realized that I can go quicker than the bus since it has to stop.


Shamefully, it seems like taxi drivers invaded our utopic lane of low cost, low emissions, and quick travel. now, I always move over to let the bus pass, because its a freaking bus. But the Taxis. Nope. they are not allowed in this lane. so when I see one, and when they try to tailgate me as some sort of pressure,

I slow down.

It seriously brings the worst out of me. Same is true with cars. I don’t understand how, but it seems like Dacia Dusters are the best tailgaters in the planet. and when they tailgate me

I slow down.

I know one day it’s gonna backfire, but for fucks sake people.

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