So many bad drivers out there.

  • Some fat fuck in a Sienna, initially takes TWO spots next to me to wait for his wife or something. Just as I was about to start backing out, pulls up slanted behind me and get his wife to get on and load stuff.
  • Same Sienna, cuts me right off at an intersection to the exit.
  • Pull up to near a gas station, huge lineup on the road. As it turns out it was some moron in a Fusion blocking two lanes. Everyone thinking he is turning left, PULLS BACK TO THE RIGHT LANE and speeds off, after blocking everyone off for a while
  • Following the Fusion there was a RX doing the same thing blocking everyone off, then tries to merge into the left turn lane. Light turns full green, still stopped there and everyone started blaring horns.


  • Some bitch in a RAV4 almost rear-ended me when I was trying to turn right, going horn blazing saying why I didn’t go faster. This was as the light was turning yellow with a car on the other side trying to turn left. Had to speed right through and followed me (thank goodness nobody was crossing the intersection). After turning, she had the balls to speed up and try to cut me off. Confession here, I lost it and sped up to block her out.

Got one more trip out to the doctor, hopefully that’s enough for the day.