In my X-Type and pull into a gas station. The attendant (cuz Jersey) says to me after I give my card and ask for Premium “yeah, I know about these cars” is a surly manner. Kind of struck me as odd but let it slide.

Then after my car is full he hands me my card and asks me

Him:“so do like driving this?”


Him:”Seriously?” - In a tone of voice normally equated with “seriously, you’re going to wear THAT?”

Me: “Yes, you got a problem with what I drive?”

Him:”uh... No”

I’m sorry me driving a 3.0 V6 40/60 AWD manual with sports suspension and bucket seats offends your delicate sensibility’s you stupid fucking cunt. I guarantee it’s probably nicer than what ever shit box he drives because I didn’t spend my 20’s smoking weed while trying to date rape high school girls, I actually made something of myself.



Only photo on my phone right now

Monocolour BGR, no chrome except for the leaping cat. How it should be.