I pull into traffic behind some new-ish civic, and I noticed the fuel door is open, and the gas cap is totally just hanging out the side.

Pretty much like this: (except in a civic)

I think to myself "what kind of moron forgets that"...I don't pay it no mind as I stop pretty close to it at a traffic light. I notice that the traffic opposed to us has advanced green, so or side will go soon. (light cycle memorization...check!).

Then who gets out of the car in front, but grandma to close her fuel filler door. Sure as shit, as soon as she gets out...our light goes green. The guy in the explorer beside me also doesn't go...I guess cause she's got her door open but he easily coulda gone without hitting her.


Anyways I just start up a bit to let her know "hey the light is green yo!!" but I don't honk cause that's not nice. She did look pretty old.

PSA: If your fuel door is open it is not necessary you close it in the middle of the road. Find a parking lot for that nonsense. It wasn't even raining, so if drive with it open a short distance, nothing at all would happen.