Appearances are one thing, I have been here since 2008ish and have seen formats come and go without much hullabaloo. Lately though I have been having so much trouble trying to quickly post good, image containing content to both the front page and now even Oppositelock that my computer is fearing death in a fit of webpage bug related rage.

If I have to sacrifice the feel of a small community in order for this site to become something larger and more profitable, I kind of expect to get some benefits out of it. Like development leadership and bug fixes in the span of weeks or days. I would like to lovingly request that you get it together Gawker. Please. You have done a good enough job to keep a lot of us here, but if they are having the same issues I am not sure how long that will last.

I'm sorry for my tone, I just wanted to yell. I'll put the soapbox and grandstand away now and go to the tech support page to make some productive suggestions.

BTW I actually like a lot of the new features.