So instead of just finishing an advance screening of

that started at 7pm EST, I didn’t get home from work until 7:15pm EST, instead of 4:30 or 5pm.

All because I support a department full of stupid, unfuckingprofessional, whining c***s (I’m talking about men I work with), that I ended up cleaning up things so they are covered for the next work day. I don’t need their thanks because I don’t fucking care what they think of me. I do what is best for the company, my boss, and them, in that order. And since my boss supports me and understands my frustration dealing with them, I know I’ve covered my other 2 responsibilities properly. At least my boss knows I’m sick of blowing a fuse with these cocksuckers and he’s helping me work on a long term solution.

[deep breath]

At least I know I can always go see the film once it’s officially released in the U.S.


/end rant...but...

But there are a few things that have/will happen that have calmed my soul:

1) Boss took time to listen to me and offered great solutions

2) I saw an Audi RS5 on the way home that looked exactly like this one


3) I stopped by my local CVS to pickup a prescription and this was playing over their speakers

4) After leaving the pharmacy I saw CTS-V exactly like this


5) I’m about to have a beer...or two, and...

6) I’m about to put on my copy of 2008's


and go to all the parts when that old bastard starts eviscerating all the bad guys while I pretend the bad guys are my fucktwat coworkers and I’m...well, you know.

Yeah, catharsis!

ETA: Oh, and this really pisses me off