What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
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Sorry, this isn't car related. But I need to vent.
Google Glass is totally cool. You can fix cars when you don't know how to fix cars, you can see cats superimposed on reality, you can have a on demand mph gauge on a bike that's not a Garmin, and even take awesome photos of cars like an oppo user was Doing a while back. These are thoughtful, useful uses for glass. But these "Glassholes" are ruining for everyone who wants glass. I in fact encounted one, (and probably worse than Sarah Slaucum (or whatever her name is)). His name is Dave Martinez. He claims to be a google glass evangelist. It seems more like he's a PR bot for one thing but advertises for the next company.
One or two months ago, in my FBLA (future business leaders of America club, yes it's real.) the club president invited this shmuck Dave Martinez and some creepy ass photographer from the awful Contra Costa Times. This was at a high school I attended. the meaning of this event was to raise awareness to the club. It ended up worse than i expected.
First this guy starts off by introducing himself and explaining briefly about how you see stuff and control in glass. He claimed google glass to be a different company (and when I corrected him, a obvious "shut up" message was sent at me) and he showed some video on YouTube that was from google about glass. And let me tell you about the audience. 120 something students stuffed in a classroom. This event had been promoted for the past week.
Then this guy talks about Google plus. A lot about Google plus. It was either a plug for Google or he was plain stupid. Martinez was going on and on about how he uploads shit to plus and to follow him. Then he makes a plug on some bloody space app where you see the freaking planets. And then it realized there was 7 minutes left of lunch (it was during lunch, and this shmuck had talked a whole damn majority on the time and barely talked about glass at all). He then started letting people try it on to try his fucking space app. Suddenly it was panic mode for everyone. People raised their hands and vied for trying it on. Only 5 people tried it on, but it was stupid. The guy is one of the most self centered cocky lying plug setting GLASSHOLES I have ever heard of.
And if you go on his website, it's poorly made and is sketchy as fuck.
Dave Martinez didn't explain how glass works. He made irrelevant plugs. (Just google glass is fine, but he didn't even do a google glass plug) He loves the attention of a crowd. He is exactly on the same level as Sarah Slaucum and possibly lower.
Oh yes if you don't want to be a Glasshole and want to make productive uses of glass, I've got a invitation to buy glass from google. As much as I want it, I don't have 1500 spare dollars lying around. Any want that? Peace, opponauts.


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