Here’s a pic of a ferd first.

So today I had my laundry bag stolen. Who the fuck does this? They didn’t take anything out of my laundry and my bag had my motherfucking name on it. I mean did this shitbird takes his laundry to the laundry room without a bag planning on stealing one there? How do you even loose a laundry bag in the first place? It sits in your fucking room till it’s full then you take it to the laundry room and back. It’s practically impossible to loose that shit.

The main reason I’m so pissed is that they just stole the bag and none of my laundry. Which leads me to believe some asshole did this as some passive aggressive way to get back at me for something stupid. I mean, I have some pretty dank shirts why wouldn’t you steal one or two while you’re at it? They’re awesome.

Whatever though, because who ever stole it.