Background: 2 lane of traffic going south, this is completely unprovoked.

I nearly got into an accident after some asshole in a Dole bananas truck cut from behind another semi right infront of me, (I was going 75, they were going 55), brake checked me, passed the other semi in around 5 minutes while going 20 under the speed limit. THEN, he refused to move over for another five minutes, then he did.

Then I passed him. After I pass him, he cuts over to behind me and tailgates me within half a cars length for about two miles. At this point I’m going well above the speed of traffic while in the fast lane. THEN, I tap the brakes* and he fucks off finally. Ten minutes later, he passes me in the right lane going about 85-90.

Please note that you aren’t in Smokey and the Bandit, Banana truck. Fuck you.

*Don’t do that