Trying to test drive a WRX has been like pulling teeth. First of all, the Subaru dealer in Tennessee doesn’t care to stock enough apparently. They sold one 2 weeks ago and I’ve been trying to test drive one for as long. I went and test drove a used STI last week but it’s not exactly what I want so I asked them to let me know when a new one came in. Hadn’t heard back.

Then we were in Colorado this weekend and figured it would be no problem to go test drive one of the 10 the Colorado Spring dealer had on the lot. We get there and the salesmen didn’t even give me the time of day and said they don’t want miles on the WRX because it’s a performance car and customers like them with little to no miles. Please... that’s a $28,000 car, not a freaking Porsche Turbo S. I called the sales manager an hour later and he echoed what his sales guy said. Idiots the pair. I then called Subaru NA and voiced my displeasure to them. That man was very nice.


We get home today and since the wife starts her nursing job tomorrow(and the schedule is about to get crazy)I called the local Subaru dealer again to see if they had a new WRX in I could test drive. The person I spoke to said they had an ‘18 Premium in. Not as loaded as I’m looking for but fine nonetheless. They said to stop in and they’ll get us on a test drive. Great! Some progress! We drive to the Subaru dealer, walk in and say we want to test drive the WRX they told me they had. The man at the front counter then tells me that they don’t have any in stock and the next delivery is 8/25/17... are you kidding me... so you told me one thing on the phone and another in person?

Im not purchasing for a few months but I’m this close to deciding to get a FoST out of principle of not having crappy dealers. Rant over.

Focus ST I want more now for your time.

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