Friends on oppo, please help me! When visiting the filling station, please be considerate of the diesel owners! The station I go to has 5 islands/10 pumps, the outer 2 have gas and diesel on both sides while the inner 3 have gasoline only. Customer's with gas powered vehicles often pull into the outer islands when the 3 inner islands are vacant and the diesel driver's end up waiting forever.

My experience today: A new Toyota Tacoma ahead of me pulls into the only vacant diesel pump and I notice that the F-250 Powerstroke in the next stall is about to leave, I pull toward the front of the truck so I can swing in with the filler next to the pump and an RHD Jeep Wrangler pulls in behind the truck. I motion to the woman that I need the diesel and it is the only pump available and am finally able to convince her to find a different island. (After I start filling, I notice that she moved to the island on the other end. Diesel pump blocked by her again while there are 2 gas only islands vacant.)

And yes, I could find a different station but this is the station with the lowest diesel price in town. And yes, I also chose to buy a diesel.