Slight annoyance. . . slight.

Apparently if I say "it sucks that electric engines don't make any noise" it means I fear the future. No no no, I accepted it, I just don't like that one aspect. That is like me saying "man I don't like the color of the car" meaning that I hate the entire car. Something some people don't seem to get through their head. Don't even bring up questions about electric cars like "I wonder how tuners are going to extract more power out of this" or something similar because you get the same response "they will find a way, don't fear the future." Sorry about asking a question. I guess asking any sort of question is fearing the future. It isn't like this is new technology, electric cars have been around forever. How do you think the lunar rovers moved? There is no air on the moon, no combustion engine. The only problem was the battery life and charging time. Tesla proved you can get 300 miles on a charge. The charging time is still high but they have quick charge stations as well, which drastically decrease it(although I still think 30 minutes is still a bit too long, usually when I am at a gas station it is a 5 minute ordeal). In any case, I am done.