Since it's hedgehog related, have a picture of Annabelle playing with a tube on her head:

Annabelle is coming up on her 3rd birthday (June 30th!) so I've been in the hedgehog ownership game for a bit, (just ownership, I know better than to be a "backyard breeder"), and the thickheadedness of other owners never fails to amaze me.

Example from a hedgehog owners group I frequent:

Incredibly vague OP: Advice on owning multiple hedgies?

Me: Do you mean adding another hedgehog or bringing home two sisters at the same time?


IVOP: No, I have a boy already, and I want to get a girl so they can be friends.

Everyone: Can't do that, unless you want a whole lot more hedgehogs, can't even keep them in the same room without playing together because the repeated induced ovulation without pregnancy (due to proximity to the boy) will put your girl at higher risk of cancers, etc.

IVOP: But I really want a girl and they'd be carefully supervised!

Me: Many a surprise hoglet has been born from "carefully supervised" pairs.

Everyone: Just get a boy, if they get along they can play together, but they will probably fight if you cohabitate them


IVOP: But I was set on a girl :(

And then I stopped following the discussion, because why should I bother giving advice to someone who is already set on their own opinion, despite asking for advice?

Bonus Annabelle trying to escape her bath for your time: