Seriously, you there, sitting at your Macbook with Garageband open, you're not a fucking DJ. Why am I so annoyed about this pray tell? Because I just spent the last hour searching for new music and mashups of some of my favorite songs and all I found was this shit. I actually took the time to sign into YouTube to start disliking videos.

All any of these little shitbags are doing is just fading back and forth between two songs and they can't even do that right! In the "song" on top Love Me Again is peaking constantly because the idiot who made it decided it was too quiet and is apparently blind, having ignored the red lights flashing all over the place. In the middle of the mix the volume goes up and down several times as well. Seriously? I'm not saying I can produce music, but at least I know enough not to pollute the rest of the world with my audio terrorism.

Here's a decent mashup for taking your time and listening.