Rant: You know what I got, again, for finally reaching the big job at the majors?

A no shit real picture by the FAA of a real no shit laser in a real no shit cockpit.

Another green laser into the cockpit. So all of you get another public service announcement from me, to the public here, so that those of you who ever thought about doing it can tell your friends that might actually do it, that pointing lasers at airplanes is indeed a shitty thing to do. No, a really shitty thing to do. Why? Because at least one pilot where I work can no longer fly planes due to getting tagged by a laser while trying to land. And that’s when I got tagged.

I was just inside the final approach fix, about 4-5 miles from landing, High concentration because landing in ‘Vegas always seems to involve some kind of wind factor. I’m flying the approach when directly from my right, the cockpit starts getting illuminated. The Captain could determine it was from a hotel, but only because he used to live there in Vegas, not because he looked directly at it to find out. I just focused the best I could on the runway if not slightly shifted to the side of the airport.


I got a mortgage and a family to support, people. If I go out on medical disability, I sell the house and bunk up the kids, regardless of the level of insurance. I no longer get to work the job I put so much effort and time into. While many others either get a diabetic condition and have to stop or just get unlucky with some FAA violations, I wound up luckily here and damn fortunate they called me. Now some ass-hat gets to take that away because his gene pool tells him lasers at planes is cool and that’s all that matters?

5 times so far in my life since 2010 have I been hit and this was the worst one yet. I wasn’t sure if I had symptoms or not until an hour later when nothing happened. That’s the only way you know, by sudden blindness or later on you get some variety of painful optic swelling and then it never gets better.

Tell your friends, or stupid nephews, or ass-hole uncles you never talk to, that when they start buying junk for their guns (because they’re that much of a bad-ass they need laser targeting) that this is no joke.

What happens if you do it? Anyone does it? The pilot tells the tower of the general area and the police immediately drop what they’re doing and head over to you. There’s a direct line from the tower, or any control facility, to area law and they point a car at you. Federal crimes like that get attention. So don’t do it.


End of rant. You may now resume naked swimming.

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