What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
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Indianapolis marathon was today. I found out the hard way.

That is not a complaint.

I’m sure it was announced previously in the newspaper, on the local news, BookFace, Twitty, etc. because those are the easiest ways to let the public know. Even in a time where not everyone has access or wants to be connected to those sources.*


The fact that the route closes off 3 normal routes and 2 alternate routes to get across town is an inconvenience but still isn’t worthy of complaint.

There were even detour signs and road blocks at each intersection and plenty of cops to protect the path. All good stuff.


What pissed me off was there was no advance signage to let you know there were detours or roadblocks until you slammed on the brakes because you were suddenly at the detours or roadblocks!!!

I was going to post some dashcam footage and sound, but I was cursing way too much...I hadn’t eaten yet.


At least I turned the negative into a positive by coming home to cut the grass.

*targeted, autoplay adverts were thankfully not considered :P

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