After putting up my Mazda for sale last week and getting several responses ranging from: “Are you gonna fix the cat and transmission before selling” to: “I’ll give you 2500€”, among some others.
Answer 1 : No, that’s why I sell it as a project and for about 3000€ under market price.
Answer 2 : No.

So I decided to fix it, and I’ll decide if I still want to sell it afterwards. First thing I ordered was a transmission, which should have arrived yesterday to a nearby shipping store. I was planning on sending my parents to retrieve it, so I could install it tomorrow morning.

It didn’t arrive yesterday. I just checked the status, and it’s saying I should contact them.
I contacted both the shipping company and the shop which should have received the trans.
Shipping company: the driver indicated he couldn’t deliver since the shop is in a dead end street and he can’t turn around, but he has the shops number so they should be able to find a solution.
Shop: yeah there was a truck at the end of the street, he stayed there some time, and left.

God the world is full of morons.
The truck driver could/should have called the freaking shop, and the shop guy saw the truck, and it’s the only address there where a truck could want to go, but he didn’t mind walking the 30 meters to ask the guy. Freaking idiots! Nobody thinks further these days!