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Raphmoe Craigslist Find Of The Day: '95 Ford Taurus

While browsing on craigslist today I found a gem I would like to share with Jalops to see how they feel. The ad is a real hoot to read regardless.

a) I am not the seller.

b) I can not answer questions that you would ask of the seller.

c) This is a random ad I found on craigslist that is for a really sweet car, a classic, one might even say.


3) If you have questions for this guy, email him and then share the reply in oppo to keep the conversation alive on kinja.

d) I had Wendy's Chili for lunch with cheese and crackers; it was warm and delicious.

Here is the posting:

Classic 1995 Ford Taurus SE (Special Edition), the '57 Chevy of our generation

Call me crazy, but I believe this 20 year old masterpiece is destined to be the 1957 Chevy of our generation. That's why I purchased it new in 1995, and why it breaks my heart that I can't keep it another 20 years.

This is the last model year of this incredibly successful design introduced originally I think in 1985. Actually, this exact car may very well be the actual last one ever made. I purchased it new from deFeo Ford in June of 1995, just one month before the misguided 1996 "bubble" redesigned Taurus hit the show rooms. As we all know that design bombed, and Taurus has never recovered.

This is the top of the line 95 SE model featuring front bucket seats, and the 3.8 V6 fuel injected engine, which is the same engine offered in the Taurus sports car called the SHO. But if you have some design sensitivity, you may agree that the SHO models, even the 95s, are not on a par, style wise, with the the SE. I say that because all the SHO models retained the earlier squared off and boxy front air-intake/bumper design of the earlier year Taurus'. In 93-95 Ford streamlined the front of the other models, including the SE, and to me, that was the crowning update that led to the most satisfying car design of the last era.

This one had everything Ford offered then (I think). It starts and runs, and was my daily driver until about 3 months ago when the water pump seized, and I decided it was time to move on. Amazingly, the original engine and transmission in this car are the stongest features. Still shifts like butter, and the engine starts up and runs great. Gets 16/20 mpg. However, with 185,000 miles on it, the car needs lots of other work.

If you don't share my opinion that this car is a classic and should be saved from the junk yard, no reason to read further because it needs TLC. I know thousands of these have gone to junk over the years, and to my mind, that makes this one even more rare.

Two mechanics estimated $1800 work is needed to get the car road worthy, and you'd need another 1800 to restore the cosmetics and interior. Even so, it has never been in a serious accident, just one rear ender, and one guy backed into the driver side fender. Those insurance policies fixed everything. The rear end body parts are all new 5 years ago, and the fender was filled with bondo. Half of the silver paint is, believe it or not, original, the the other half was done to blend in the two repairs. No rust anywhere on this car.

These are the features of the SE model:

Bucket front seats

3.8 V6 fuel injected engine

Leather trimmed seats

Center shift console

Transparent headlights (the cheap models had frosted headlights)

SE badges


Seized water pump

Seized radiator fan

Two broken motor mounts

Emergency brake doesn't work

Headliner is shot

Driver seat shows terrible wear.

Steering leaks

Tranny leaks

AC doesn't work

Driver exterior door molding missing

Still good:

4 wheel disk breaks

All the windows work normally.

The power seats are a wonder, not only up/down/forward/backward/tilt, but also TWO power lumbar controls. All work.

Radio and tape work normally

Cabin lights work

Heater works

Dash instruments all work, except the digital clock

Head lights, turn signals, wipers work normally

Four newish aftermarket alloy wheels

Passenger and back seats ok

Windows all intact

BTW, even with the seized pump and fan, this car can still be driven if the outside temperature is below 50º. It was always amazing to me that it would run with no coolant all day long as long as it was cool outside, and I didn't need the heater (ie coolant). So you can drive this car off right now, and even with its issues, you can still take it on the road.

I know you are a rare individual if you see this car as I do, but if you're the one, please get in touch asap.

thanks, Mike

Wow, Mike, What a deal!

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