Raphmoe Finds The Best Car On Craigslist: MG MGB 1977 For Jalops

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my research in to gearheads and jalops continues and have stumbled upon possibly the best find of the day today on craigslist. A prestine, with some rocker rust, MG MGB 1977 Yellow Roadster. A true enthusiast's dream car. Ready to be eagerly driven through the back roads, by ways, highways, and sideways of this great land of America of ours.


The seller has listed it at the affordable, attainable, and downright lustworthy price of $1000. This is more than I have currently in my bank account but if I had it I would buy it. Raphmoe digresses, as the seller states: it is a complete, drivable car that you can use while you give it the TLC that it needs. Diamond in the rough, with excellent oil pressure. Convertible top is shot, but included. Includes a full tonneau cover and the half cover (top cover).

Easy work for us to crowdsource and go fund ourselves or kickstart this project and we could be off motoring in beautiful 1977 glory in no time. The supple and sweet and savory 4 cylinder engine bay looks sassy to me and is definitely a car that we like around these parts (Jalopnik).

As a young journalist, I have found fascination in the older cars that were made before I was born. Because looking at old cars with new eyes means that I can easily ignore the flaws and poorly engineered parts and instead focus on the soul inside of these cars that exist within my mind. The mind is a terrible thing to not waste and sometimes we waste it when we assume we know less than the people who did not buy the quirky, old cars of yesteryore year. Our fresh eyes are what is needed to continue the hope that is car enthusiasm and will venture forward from this day onward in cars such as this MG MGB. The interior is immaculate and I, frankly, get chills looking at how gorgeous it is:


At the end of the day, this car should be going to a true jalops home and I know that it will, or hope that it will.


What say your fellow opposite lockers; is this a good car?

Either way, Happy Halloween to all of you. May your New Year be jalopy and bright.

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