Have you ever wanted to rent a fast and fun car? Have you ever wanted to pay for friends? If you answered yes to either of these questions than the Classic Car Club fraternity is for you. Located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan near the Holland Tunnel the Classic Car Club is essentially the Enterprise Rental Car for people with more money than brains, or, an expensive way to join the Fraternity of Car Culture. Much like those frat boys we all love to hate paid for their friends in college, you can join the Classic Car Club of Manhattan if you want to meet, greet, drink, and drive with like minded friends with lots of money. How much money? Well, our friends at Business Insider looked in to it, and the price for rental cars there is staggering:


There are three levels of annual membership: silver, gold, and platinum, for $4,500, $8,000, and $13,000, respectively. All members have access to all of the cars, and reservations (the word "rental" is never used) are based on a points system. Platinum members get the most points, and can have the cars delivered to them at home.

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Yes, friends, you read that right. The most affordable car rental policy at Classic Car Club Manhattan is more expensive than a well running Mazda Miata. PER YEAR! After two years of Membership you've spent $9,000 for....some rental cars. It's truly a ridiculous idea that people love, because in general, a fool and his money are easily parted. Thankfully, you get to have parties where free liquor is provided in and around cars. A great way to not promote drinking and driving for sure. Now, you may be thinking to yourself "people sign up for this rental car program because they are car enthusiasts", lol, you would be mistaken. Take for instance Jay-Z, he was a member that never rented a car:

The Classic Car Club has had its share of celebrities join up, including Robert Downey Jr., Tracy Morgan, and Tumblr CEO David Karp. Jay-Z never used his membership, Bookings Manager and Event Coordinator Jeannette Klein says.


There has to be some pros to this car club, right? Of course there are. Ego. By being around these cars you will think much higher of yourself and start to believe that you actually can buy all of these cars; because you've rented time with them! That's basically the same as ownership if you have no concept of money. Which, on the internet, we don't believe in money. We use bitcoin. Duh. But in the real world of CCC you spend actual money on things you don't actually own. Rental cars have never had it so good. Your Ego will be so inflated that it will help you in the future, which is great for life.

Some other pros: street cred. That's right, street cred. You can post pictures of yourself driving cars on social media outlets and your friends will think "wow, what a cool car you're driving - I wish I were you". Bam, street cred has been upped. You, gangstar, you.


At the end of the day though, CCC is a great place to drive lots of fun cars that rotate in and out and constantly get refreshed and maintained. So, if you're a member for 10 years, you've paid anywhere from $45,000 to $130,000 for fun, friends, and cars, and when you cancel that membership or move away from New York you have nothing to show for it.

Me? I would rather spend my money on a car that I can actually call my own. I'm an old fashioned jalopy.

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