I have a dream car I want, but i have no idea how to do this. note: i cannot afford this unless I win the lottery.

So my car... I want to make a custom 1967 Chevy Impala Coupe, like this. one

Now, this one's stock. Take this car, and put a box flare over both the front and rear wheels. Then, drop it a bit more. The car would have 4-corner hydro-pneumatic suspension, with the ability to adjust the pressure from the cabin. This would make it an amazing handling car. The wheels would be 19/275's in the front, and 20/335's in the rear. behind those wheels? 15.1" 6-piston brembos up front, 14" 6-piston brembos out back.

Under the hood would be a special engine as well. An over-bored 454. Bored out to 478 cubic inches. It'd also be fuel injected, and have an Overhead-Cam conversion. 5 valves per cylinder as well, so that the gas can really get in there. to make sure there's enough air, a roots style blower will sit atop the block. Backing this transmission up would be a really heavy-duty version of the C7's 7-speed manual.


Inside the car, a red leather interior with aluminum accenting is what I'd want. Remove the front bench, put 2 BMW M5-esque seats up there, and craft a custom center console and dash for the car. That way, the car would have modern usability, and old school style.

Last detail is the outside. Paint it billet silver, with the roof and pillars in dark grey. on the very back of the rear quarters, do a stylized 478 in red, with red pin striping around it.


Gah.. i want this so bad...