I came across Patrick George's write-up on the C2 Corvette earlier today and thought I would briefly share a rare C2 Corvette I had the opportunity to work on last year.

This 1963 Sting Ray is a 327 4-speed car that to the untrained eye wouldn't appear much different from any other 1963. Take a moment to see if you can pick out what sets this 1963 Corvette apart before scrolling down for the answer...

See anything yet? I'll leave this stock photo of a more typical '63 right here for your perusal. Spot the minor difference?


Before I dump the answer on you I'll post one more photo of our rare '63 Vette, just in case you still haven't figured it out...


Did you notice the functional vents behind the front wheel wells? General Motors plucked two Corvette's from the assembly line, one coupe and one convertible, and had these vents done as part of a styling exercise. Whether it was intended to be aesthetic or to actually aid in heat extraction, I'm not quite sure.


It is indeed only one of two ever made with this feature. And the only convertible. It was apparently handed off to a Pontiac executive who daily drove the car, and most righteously has been driven by its owners since as the car shows well but still has the wear and tear you would expect. Think preservation car.

Anyhow, Patrick's story reminded me of this car so thought I'd share....