I didn’t have enough raspberries because I kept eating them while making the cobbler, so I had to stop part halfway through to go pick more raspberries from my yard. I ate even more en route, to which my wife suggested I leave the bowl inside and take an empty one. As always, my reply was, “NO!”

I used a cobbler recipe I’ve not used before. When I make blackberry cobbler, I do the sea of berries with the batter spaciously slopped on top. This was pretty much the opposite: equal parts sugar, flour, milk, some baking powder, salt, and lots of butter, all at the bottom instead, with berries (less than a typical cobber) laid out above. So what you get is a sort of cobber-cake. As opposed to something more representative of a crude pie, as some cobblers can be.

The edges are crispy, but not burnt. The interior is thick and soft, yet still dense enough to resist the most aggressive silverware. The melted butter on the pan made for the perfect base. You can cut this like like brownies and they lift right out.


Add a little vanilla ice cream because fuck you and your life expectancy.

It was a wonderful dessert. Not too sweet, but more savory. I would definitely make this again, and I almost certainly will.