got the new double cardan front shaft in tonight...only to discover the stock flange is .3 inches thick and the stock spicer flange is .45 inches thick...which means my bolts are too short.


I guess they need to be spot faced down. Sigh. I am going to call the shop I bought them from tomorrow to see what they recommend. PITA. The good news is that its in for now with threadlock (blue) subbing in for the lock washers (this nearly covers the .15 inch difference and there as threads on all the nut threads and its properly torqued) that its now vibration free! sweet ox nuts its been a while since I could say its been vibe free.

Illustration for article titled raza fraza driveshaft

these go in tomorrow. Along with some sway bar spacers to finally line those up properly. 29 mm front sway bar yo.

New tires and seats away from having the truck I want to keep for another 5 years.

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