What’s an engine that has terrible mid range, laggy, while also having no top end power? RB20.

When I got this Skyline GTST I had intended to in part yse it for autocross. People said it was a terrible engine but I totally see it now.

With the stock turbo it felt ok. I usually had power when I needed it in autocross. The stock turbo is also terrible, can make no power, and uses ceramic wheels.

On this engine if you do any upgrades at all, including just upgrading te internals on that stock turbo, it moves all your power over 4000rpm at least.

I got a slightly larger turbo than I should, because I wanted stock mount, and I am paying for it. The problem is even if I got something like a 16g I would be in the same situation. This turbo is like an 18g.


Basically the entire course I am off boost in 2nd gear. The turbo only just coming on as I reach a decent speed, which at that point in autocross you are already stopping. The problem is in this car 1st is an an extremely short gear, more than on most cars, so it’s totally unusable.

Whats really bad about this engine is even though this turbo makes 16 psi to redline power drops off because of the tiny ports on this engine. It’s all around garbage.

There are solutions to my problems. One is to go twin scroll turbo. Which is very expensive. Engine swap, again. I could do both together and be in a perfect situation. Meanwhile if I ever get this rx7 it will be good out of the box and make as much power as this on the stock turbos. That’s what’s shitty, other cars already do it right.


Ill have to decide what I’m going to do going forward. . RB25 + twin scroll is something idk if I want to do.