Right, so in the 2000's I was in high school...and I spent more time on 1 website than any other...


In 2003 the BMW M3 in Laguna seca blue spec'd in exactly what you want (manual, harmon kardon, cold weather, the 18 inch (not 19) and nothing you don't, had an MSRP of $46,460 USD.

We all know you can get one that's been hooned to hell and back for around 10k and if you're lucky a good one from a nice guy in Florida.

So not very probable but it had to be mentioned as the E46 M3 is THE car of the 2000's. 45k MSRP that was better than everything else it's in it's range and could hang with uber expensive 2 seaters from Italy, stuggart and embarrassingly but surprisingly capable Z06 from detroit. It's a shame so many got ruined.

So, where do we go from here.

Ahh how could I forget...the big brother and older cousin. BMW m5 and 540 6MT m sport. The "superstar" (Thank you Guy and Clive, epic) was pushing the same power as Ferrari's center of attention 360 Modena but you could bring 3 friends or 4 girls and be swift and comfortable.Same goes for the 540, both excellent but they look a bit dated these days. You can even find some wagons.


Let's stay with Germany...the B6 S4 sedan or avant....6speed, excellent v8, Quattro, wagon just went from 6 to midnight typing that. All black everything, w/black thule box on top gets SUV level cargo capacity, German sedan performance, and Williamsburg hipster level cool. But again everyone already loves these cars and knows them. So why waste it and bring it up.

I was going to bring up the little known Lincoln for the sake of Lincoln, because this was the last good /cool sedan they made. Wait! hear me out...they did make a cool car. I swear.

2002 Lincoln LS VS SS. In 2003 the LS got refreshed but they released some Frankensteins (200 to be exact in 2002). Which had a 3.9L V8, variable exhaust, good stability systems pushing out 282hp and 286lb/ft of torque which made 87% of its torque @2000 rpm with 18/25 mpg respectively and some visual cues.


Let me repeat that. 282 HP, 286lb/feet from a 3.9L V8...that exactly on par with the Bimmer 540, except zee German is a 4.4l V8. Clarkson always rambles about the inefficiency of American displacement, this car finally got it right and would fit right in cruising the autobahn.

Next up, Sweeden...Volvo S60R/V70R. 300hp, awd, great seats, lots of tech. Fun and practical.

But ideally we all know these. My guess is if you like cars but only have $10k to spend you, kind of need a do everything vehicle so...what do we do?


2004 Porsche cayenne s/turbo and pray for no issues.