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Well, my parts have arrived! A replacement lower bumper grill insert with holes for the factory fog lights, and the new fog lights and wiring harness (pardon the mess in our basement hallway)! :)


I didn’t have time to do the full install today, but I did take it upon myself to get the interior wiring harness installed today.

The kit comes with a full wiring harness including factory-style interior switch, relay, and 3 wire kits - an engine bay harness for the lights, an interior harness for the switch, and a ‘extension cable’ to connect the two through the firewall.

I needed some tools first....sockets, pliers and trim removal tools:

The fog light switch in the MC generation Accent is to the left of the steering wheel in a circular pod - the top slot is for front fogs and on European cars, the lower half is the rear fog light. Mine has an extra hole from where I was going to install my own switch before I found out the kit came with a factory-style one:


I installed the switch where the factory switch would go and ran the wiring over to steal power from the back of one of my 12v sockets. You can see the switch location on the left and the location of the 12v sockets down and on the right:


The interior harness has three leads - ‘ignition’ which is power to the switch, ground, and the lead that runs through the firewall to the relay in the engine bay harness. I used the supplied ‘wire clip’ to connect the wiring harness to the power line on the back of the 12v socket, which is only powered when the key is on Accessory or Ignition:


I grounded the ground lead to a bolt for the drivers’ side inner kick panel that bolts it to a seemingly non-painted structure that supports the dash. I assumed this was grounded because the fuse panel is further over and mounted to the same dash support structure but has a ground lead that runs to the aforementioned dash structure as mentioned in the Service Manual:


I didn’t install the actual lights, engine bay harness or the ‘extension wire’ (i.e. the one that runs through the firewall to connect the interior harness to the engine bay harness) today, but once I had the interior harness installed I assumed that I could test it by turning on the switch and having it light up to actually make sure it worked....except that nothing happens...

I’ve yet to get my multimeter and actually TEST to make sure the structure I grounded the harness to is ACTUALLY grounded itself, but considering it has that ground from the fuse panel further over, I assume it is grounded....so it COULD be that my ground isn’t actually grounded? It COULD be the switch is dead on arrival? I’m thinking it’s most likely that the clip-wire-tap thing the kit came with didn’t quite take....I know they can be terrible, but I didn’t really want to have to cut and solder because there are NO plugs anywhere near our driveway unless I run a million extension cables...

What do you think Oppo? I work tomorrow, but I am hoping to look into it on Sunday and see if I can sort it out. :P

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